We founded Visionclean in 2007. And built the company, based on the high standards that we feel is essential to providing high standards and good customer service.

By this year, 2016, we have grown to employ staff across the South Wales region providing services to businesses in a wide range of sectors.

Throughout our development we have set out to provide the highest level of cleaning to all our customers, from large educational institutions, specialist healthcare facilities to private homes. And it is our aim to provide continue real value for money, while still being innovative.

From the beginning it has been important to the directors that we also ensure a good working environment for all our employees and give them the knowledge and security of working for a company that want to look after them.

So in 2016, having built a strong reputation for the highest standards of cleaning, we are moving forward by setting even higher standards and adding environmentally friendly cleaning services to our offering, while still maintaining the value for money approach and not using EcoClean as an excuse for huge price hikes associated with the sector.

To this end we have introduced our Eco Challenge to allow customers and potential customers to evaluate the benefits of partnering with a committed Eco friendly business, comparing the economics of both Eco and conventional chemical cleaning options.