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At visionclean we introduced our eco-clean service, because we believe that not only is green cleaning good for the environment, but is also better for the health of our offices/schools/health centres and homes. Over the last nine years we have developed a business strong enough in the commercial cleaning sector to now be able to invest the time and money needed to develop and roll out a true eco-friendly cleaning service available at an affordable cost to all businesses out of small and even to domestic households.

Having now spent the time researching cleaning methods and products that clean or officially at consist of environmentally friendly ingredients we have been able to roll out this new Service to existing and potential new customers.

The benefits of eco-cleaning

Improved standards of health in your organisation – our teams of cleaners are knowledgeable regarding advanced cleaning techniques and use of equipment which help reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, mould and other allergens. Using these techniques and equipment may improve the overall indoor air quality and minimise risk from excess Mosher to residual chemicals for those who suffer from asthma, Hayfever, sinusitis, and other allergies that can increase absence.

Minimising the environmental impact – the use of the highest quality environmentally friendly chemicals not only reduce health risks, but reduced packaging waste minimise water usage and avoid the introduction duction of harmful chemical components to the water system and atmosphere.

Economic benefits – most people associate environmentally friendly cleaning services with additional cost. We believe that most people would be surprised at how cost if efficient it is to implement eco-cleaning and also there are other potential economic benefits to businesses/organisations brought forward by the possible improved environment reducing the levels of absence but done by communicable infections. Also the recycling and use of eco-waste disposal can also reduce costs on most premises.

With our eco-clean service we regularly audit our customers premises to valuate place to improve the effect of eco-cleaning. Here are some of the examples of areas of concern that we have identified and try and work with organisations to manage to improve safety.

Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning services are at the heart of our organisation. We provide a personal service with the focus on our customers and their needs. We can provide a 24 hour, seven days a week cleaning and housekeeping service to…

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School Cleaning

We tailor a value solution to give your pupils and staff a safe clean environment to Learn in. We will always work closely with your site manager/caretaker to ensure The minimum disruption around your school. We also supply specialist services…

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After a number of years of concerns over how the chemicals we use to clean and after talking to customers, we decided to take the first big steps to becoming an environmentally friendly cleaning company.

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Client Testimonials

On many occasions we have used Evan and his staff at Vision Clean to finish off refurbishment projects we have completed, by leaving them spotless. He and his staff are always punctual, happy to oblige and never complain to the level of works required. I would have no problem recommending him to others and do so daily.


Vision Cleaning have supplied their services to my business on more than one occasion. The service was second to none and excellent value for money. I would recommend their services to any company looking for an Expert Contract Cleaning provider.

Take our EcoClean challenge, reduce your impact on the world, you won't be disappointed

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